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The Ride Home doesn't have top be such a chore.  Join Jon Town every weekday at 5 pm for "Homeward Bound", an hour of music to calm the mind and stimulate the senses.  today, it's a visit to the  18th century London with a Handel Aria for winds and off to Vienna for Some Mozart.   Homeward Bound, 5-6 pm, on 89.5  FM and!


KBACH's Theater Critic, Chris Curcio, reviews the Nearly Naked Theatre production of the spoof play "The Pornozombies."
"The Sound Book-- The Science of the Sonic Wonders of the World" by Trevor Cox; "Cox is fascinated by room acoustics, and how places can be designed for speech, like classrooms, and beautiful music, like auditoriums and concert halls. you can’t help but get caught up in his enthusiasm-- He's Kind of like the Indiana Jones of Acoustic research and exploration." -Randy Kinkel

JL Adams wins Music Pulitzer; Vienna Phil wins Neilsen; Phoenix Resident Matthusen wins Rome Prize.

Community Engagements
KBACH February Member of the Month: Mr. Bob McGinnis

K-BACH February Member of the Month:

Mr. Bob McGinnis